Who we are

Picture 1 John Harris, Chair of Trust
Picture 2 GIll Jones, CEO
Picture 1 Graham Cunningham, Headteacher, Longdean School
Picture 2 David Gelernter, Chair, AscotRd CFS Governing Body
Picture 3 Jo Kavakeb, Squirrels Day Nurseries
Picture 4 Andrew Nightingale, Director
Picture 5 Martin Glick, Vice Chair
Picture 6 Susan Poole, Director
Picture 7 Kristian North, Jupiter CFS Governing Body
Picture 8 Amandip Sidhu, Trustee
Picture 9 Issy Maxwell, Trustee
Picture 10 James Jenkins, Member, University of Herts
Picture 11 Angela Daniel, Trustee
Picture 12 Randal Whittaker, Trustee
Picture 13 Gregory Holmes, Trustee, Herts County Council
Picture 14 Kate Ma, Member, Herts County Council