WHCFST Strategic Plan September 2017

WHCFST Policy for Staff Appraisal & Capability

WHCFST Child Protection Policy October 2017

WHCFST Family & Carers Policy June 2017

WHCFST Home School Agreement October 2016

Recruitment of Staff (incl. Safer Recruitment)

WHCFST Recruitment of trustees and governors March 2017

WHCFST Pay and Conditions policy Sept 2016 (amended Feb 17)

WHCFST Behaviour, Attendance and Exclusions Policy Sep 2016

WHCFST Accessibility Policy Feb 17

WHCFST Staff Discipline, Conduct and Grievance Sept 2016

WHCFST Equalities Information and Objectives (amended Feb 2017)

WHCFST Admission Policy 2018-2019

WHST Admissions Policy 2019-2020

Memorandum and Articles of Association

Amendment to Memorandum and Articles of Association

Staff Health and Attendance Policy

Strategic Risk Register September 2017

WHCFST Health and Safety Policy October 2016

WHCFST SEND Policy Sept 2017

WHCFST Whistleblowing Policy Nov 2016

WHCFST Data Protection Policy September 2016

WHST Sex & Relationship Education Policy 2017

WHST Risk Management Strategy 2017

WHST Statement with regard to relationships with staff associations 2017